You’ve heard about the ‘flipped classroom’ but how about a ’flipped CELTA’? That’s the future of training, according to International House (IH) London.

As those of us who nearly flipped out on our ‘classic’ Celta or Delta course know, much of the time on training courses has traditionally been devoted to input sessions, and much homework is traditionally generated. In IH London’s ‘flipped’ courses, the input is all put online.

At the recent Future of Training conference at IH London, Michael Turner, a member of the Flipping Training Panel, explained online core content is, “bite-sized … not too long”. Instructions for a specific teaching task were described as “a screenful,” that trainees can “read in a couple of minutes.”

We don’t mean to be flippant, but what impressed the Gazette about the new flipped training courses was that trainees reported THEY SLEPT BETTER. Flipping marvellous!

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