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  • Episode 7: How To Start Teaching EAP

    I have been teaching EFL for the last 14 years and last summer, I was fortunate to make the transition to teaching English for Academic Purposes (EAP). When I gave in my notice last April with my previous employer, I was a little lost and […]

  • 5 Reasons to Choose Verona for your Next Teacher Training Course

    We have just opened our doors in the beautiful city of Romeo and Juliet, offering a wide range of courses for educators, teachers, and school staff. Innovative methodologies, 21st-century skills, the management of nowadays’ classrooms, […]

  • CELTA in Valencia: Your Guide to the Classroom and the City!

    Taking the CELTA in Valencia, Spain has many perks; the beautiful weather, architecture, beaches and being the home of paella! For those who are travelling from abroad to take the CELTA in Valencia, you will want to get as much out of your CELTA […]

  • “The power of three” in fairy tales: A recipe for a great story lesson

    Happy Birthday to the World of Better Learning! This month we celebrate the third anniversary of the great community of teachers, authors and readers brought together by this blog. While we’re blowing out the candles and wishing for […]

  • Creating the conditions for learner engagement

    Sarah Mercer is Professor of Foreign Language Teaching at the University of Graz, Austria, where she is also Head of ELT Methodology. Her research interests include all aspects of the psychology surrounding the foreign language learning experience […]

  • TEFL in Japan: Ursula’s Story

    Staring at pictures of exotic destinations while looking at the rainy Scottish sky, I wondered what the future held. I’d already left university and all the years of my life seemed to stretch ahead of me endlessly. My life goals had never been […]

  • Pancake Day: Lesson Ideas and Activities

    One of the most popular events during late February or early March, in the UK, is Pancake Day. I am sharing some lesson ideas you could use with your class to celebrate the event and to get your students learning more about this British custom. It […]

  • There’s no such thing as Standard English

    What if I told you there’s no such thing as Standard English? Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean all your efforts in teaching or learning English (or both) have been in vain, but linguistically speaking, there is not just one Standard […]

  • Episode 6: How To Teach Connected Speech

    One of the most difficult aspects of teaching pronunciation in the classroom is connected speech. It is difficult to know exactly how to incorporate some elements of practise to raise learner awareness of this area of pronunciation and it took me a […]

  • Teaching learners with Specific Learning Difficulties – we want to hear from you!

    Do you have experience of teaching English to learners with specific learning difficulties? Then we want to hear about your experiences! Take part in our short survey to help us create more effective and inclusive learning and teaching materials for […]

  • ELT Publishing Professionals – is it worth signing up?

    A question I’ve been asked on LinkedIn by a writer (post for writers/editors, not publishers)… Is it worth joining the ELT Publishing Professionals database? Anonymous Bit fiddly to answer on LinkedIn, also the answer might be useful […]

  • 12 conversation strategies worth teaching

    One thing my CELTA course skimmed over was how to develop learners’ conversation strategies. There seems to be a good amount of focus on conversation strategies in recent coursebooks. However, at times I find these can be problematic. Models […]

  • Graduate Story: Maria Sampio

    Maria Sampio is a Business English trainer with over 10 years of experience in teaching, recruitment and employer branding. Originally from Russia, she worked in France, Switzerland and different cities in Spain. She holds an MD in Linguistics and […]

  • Ben Fogle on the power of immersion

    “Travel is nothing without communication.” When learning a language, you’re mastering a new form of communication. We’d like to introduce you to broadcaster and adventurer Ben Fogle, who’s shared with us his experience […]

  • Review: NILE Membership

    The NILE Membership area is a new section on the Norwich Institute of Language Education site. It includes various resources created for language educators by the NILE trainers. There’s new content added each month and (best of all) it is […]

  • Lesson idea: environmental issues

    We did this activity a few weeks ago as an intro to our module on environmental problems/issues. It’s a context builder more than anything, and introduced some of the language that the learners needed for their final task (produce a leaflet […]

  • Philip Kerr: Speaking English in the real world (part 1)

    Philip Kerr is a teacher trainer, lecturer and materials writer who is based in Vienna. His publications include a number of coursebook series such as Evolve and the award-winning Translation and Own-Language Activities (Cambridge University […]

  • How to TEFL without a degree

    If you don’t have a degree don’t let that stop you from teaching English abroad! While many countries do require teachers to have a degree there’s no need to despair if you don’t have one – there are still plenty of […]

  • Materials writing conversations #6: the editorial agency

    This is a completely imaginary conversation. No characters in the convo are based on real people – I’m just bored and imagining conversations I might have with editors… Editor: Thanks so much for this work. You’ve clearly […]

  • Learn vocabulary with LoukGolf and Cambridge Dictionary

    Guest presenter LoukGolf has been working on a special video series with us – learn new vocabulary in context as he explores the very best tourist activities in Bangkok, Thailand. Kanatip Soonthornrak, also known as LoukGolf, is a full-time […]

  • How to future-proof your English teaching career in the digital age

    Nick Robinson has worked in ELT publishing since 2004, as an author, marketer, trainer and conference speaker. His particular area of content expertise is ESP. In 2012, he founded the world’s first ELT author representation agency. He is the […]

  • Better Learning Leadership Conference 2020

    Back for a fifth year, this summer will see Churchill College host the Better Learning Leadership Conference 2020 in Cambridge, UK, from 22 -24 June. The conference brings together educational professionals from around the world to discuss topical […]

  • What makes an effective learning experience? 3 key principles from the science of adult learning

    There have been mountains of research from a wide variety of perspectives into what really works in different areas of learning. But despite the range of different tools, methods and environments studied over the years, three key insights […]

  • We All Smile in the Same Language

    If you have attended one of our courses in Florence, you may have noticed how Tania, one of our office managers, always works with a big smile on her face. She is full of energy and enthusiasm! Today, with this first interview with one of our […]

  • Teacher Training in Lisbon: Interview with CELTA Tutor, Xana de Nagy

    Over the past few years, Lisbon has been one of the trendiest destinations in Europe! Known for its buzzing nightlife, ornate architecture and their beautiful custard tarts (I’m hungry at the thought of them!), this vibrant city has tonnes to […]

  • A language evolution: reflecting on language change for Darwin Day

    To celebrate Darwin Day, Niall Curry explores the evolution of language over the last 10 years. Niall Curry is a Lecturer in Academic Writing at the Centre for Academic Writing at Coventry University. He has been actively engaged in both teaching […]

  • CELTA Tips: How To Fail The CELTA Course

    Hello and welcome to a new episode of CELTA Tips. Many of my videos on this playlist look at various ways to pass the CELTA but today we are going to look at how to fail the course. You may be wondering why I want to share some ideas on failing the […]

  • CELTA in Honolulu, Hawaii: Interview with CELTA Tutor, Gabriella Megyesi-Briese

    For those who want to CELTA and surf, where is better than Honolulu, Hawaii? We are very excited to introduce our new school in the city that is famous for beaches, Mai Tais and the dormant volcano, the Diamond Head! It truly is a paradise and we […]

  • How to teach English abroad as a couple or with a friend

    Is it possible to teach abroad as a couple or with a friend? It’s a question our TEFL advisers are asked all the time here at The TEFL Org, and the answer is quite simple: yes! It’s actually more common than you might think. Embarking on […]

  • Online Delta All Modules

    StudyCELTA offers Online Delta Module 1 courses around the world. See dates and fees for distance Delta learning and apply for a course. The post Online Delta All Modules appeared first on StudyCELTA.

  • Online Delta Modules 2 & 3

    StudyCELTA offers Online Delta Module 1 courses around the world. See dates and fees for distance Delta learning and apply for a course. The post Online Delta Modules 2 & 3 appeared first on StudyCELTA.

  • Online Delta Modules 1 & 2

    StudyCELTA offers Online Delta Module 1 courses around the world. See dates and fees for distance Delta learning and apply for a course. The post Online Delta Modules 1 & 2 appeared first on StudyCELTA.

  • Online Delta Modules 1 & 3

    StudyCELTA offers Online Delta Module 1 courses around the world. See dates and fees for distance Delta learning and apply for a course. The post Online Delta Modules 1 & 3 appeared first on StudyCELTA.

  • The First Interview With One of Our Participants! – Markus Gruber

    Six months ago we opened our blog, trying to show you the little moments that can transform a teacher training course in an unforgettable experience! Today, for the first time, we would like to share these moments from the perspective of one of our […]

  • ELT Twitter chats

    I did a digital reset of my Twitter account recently. I now see a much wider range of content than before, and have found loads of awesome EAL/ELL/ESL teachers to follow. One really useful thing about the reset is that I now see loads more tweets […]

  • Teaching online: what hardware and software do you need?

    Daniel Lawrence is a freelance online English teacher, materials creator and translator. He is also one of our Trinity CertTESOL and Trinity DipTESOL graduates. After three years of teaching in private language schools in Catalonia – where he […]

  • TEFL in China and the Coronavirus: An Insider’s Perspective

    David Wood is the owner of China Briefcase, a company that specialises in helping ESL teachers find legitimate and great paying jobs in China, focusing particularly on the Shenzhen area. He came to China just after leaving graduate school, jaded and […]

  • New decade, new Jam!

    After six years as ELTjam, we are now LearnJam. The post New decade, new Jam! appeared first on LearnJam.

  • Lesson idea: Celebrities, morals and ethics

    This is a discussion task to introduce a sequence of lessons on fame and celebrities. One of the set reading texts in the sequence included some comments on celebrity ethics. I thought this was a good springboard, so after a brief chat/some […]

  • Lesson idea: Viral videos

    This was a context builder for a sequence of lessons on viral videos, viral ad campaigns, viral marketing, etc. It’s similar to the idea I shared for introducing recipes. Anyway, used this with B1+ teens, worked well. Task 1 Find loads of […]

  • Materials writing news and views, February 2020

    I’ll hopefully keep this update going this year. Bit busy at the moment so here are a few very quick updates and some useful links. New releases Express Publishing are promoting a new book English for 21st Century Skills (Mavridi and Xerri), […]

  • All the World is a Stage for Mutual Understanding

    José Angel Santana was an acclaimed young actor when he recognized pervasive media violence's destructive influence on young people's lives. Over the last 35 years he has developed his highly effective performance of mutual understanding […]

  • Book review: The Learning Power Approach

    The Learning Power Approach (LPA) proposes that teachers encourage learners to cultivate an array of traits which are seen as beneficial for lifelong learning. These traits, or learning dispositions, include various cognitive, metacognitive and […]

  • Episode 5: How To Teach A Grammar Auction

    A few days ago, I decided for the first time ever to deliver a grammar auction activity to my group of learners. I had never done this activity before but had done variations from it: awarding points for correct answers, etc. In this blog post (and […]

  • What makes a good TEFL teacher?

    Have a think back to your school days: who were your favourite and least favourite teachers? What was it that made the good ones good and the bad ones bad? Your favourite teacher was likely someone you made a personal connection with. Someone who […]

  • Episode 4: Five ESL Word Games with No Material

    In this episode of TEFL Tips, I share my five favourite word games that I like to incorporate in my classes at those final ten or fifteen minutes of the lesson when you don’t know what to do. It is an essential skill to know at least five […]

  • Renaissance Meets Contemporary: Street Art Tour in Florence

    Florence is considered by many academics the birthplace of Renaissance, and is still wonderfully preserved as a Renaissance city, with his art and architecture that remain unique treasures. Renaissance literally means “rebirth” and, if […]

  • Free Teacher Development Workshops this February in Barcelona

    We are looking forward to the next round of free teacher workshops coming up at Oxford TEFL in Barcelona this February! Join us on one, or more, of the following Fridays to pick up some practical tips and develop your … Continue reading […]

  • Our TEFL tutors give advice to aspiring English teachers

    Our TEFL tutors know a thing or two about teaching English. With an average of 18 years’ teaching experience and 10 years training teachers ‘a thing or two’ is perhaps a bit of an understatement. While you work through your TEFL […]

  • Graduate Story: Richard Butler

    Richard Butler is a corporate trainer with over 20 years of experience ranging from education to recruitment. Originally from Ireland, he moved to Barcelona in 2011 and has been teaching English for the last 9 years. He holds a MSc in … […]

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