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  • Teaching English with Riddles: “Strange Attractions and the Gordian Knot” with Nick Munby – A Review

    I’m sure many of you readers will have memories from university days of waking up late, dashing to class, coffee in hand, sneaking into the back of a lecture and keeping your groggy head down while you passively hoped to absorb whatever […]

  • Projects for teens in lockdown

    Projects are an often over-looked activity in Teen classrooms, but there are many good reasons for making space for them in the language-learning experience of Teen students. In this article, Olha Madylus summarises key points from her recent […]

  • How can I get prepared for my 100% Online CELTA course?

    You have been offered a place on the 100% Online CELTA course. Now, you are ready to start on some pre-course material to help you get prepared for the course. This is what you can do:   1. Pre-course task … Continue reading → The […]

  • Collaboration: video tips for doing project work with your teenage learners

    We asked teacher trainers to give us their tips for doing collaborative work with your students. In these 3 videos, Emma, Will and Greg look at some simple ideas for managing projects in class; from planning to giving feedback. These tips are […]

  • How to Avoid TEFL Scams and Bad Employers

    Sadly, there are people out there looking to take advantage of newly-qualified EFL teachers excited to land their first teaching position. Regardless of what industry you’re in it’s always important to exercise caution when sharing […]

  • How does Teaching Practice work on the 100% Online CELTA course?

    About Andreia Andréia Zakime has worked in the field of language teaching for more than 15 years. She has taught young learners and adults, and worked with course design and teacher training. She is currently a Cambridge CELTA tutor based […]

  • 21st Century Language Learning: 5 Reasons Why the School System Needs to Change

    Nearly all of us reading this article today are products of a “traditional” school system. By that we mean a system in which you had to show up each morning and attend classes for fixed periods of time to eventually pass tests and […]

  • Supporting every teacher: how to teach remotely using Collaborate

    We continue to release our ‘how to’ guides to support teachers working with our course books and digital resources in a virtual classroom. In this post, we have created a guide for teaching one of our English courses for teens, […]

  • Supporting every teacher: how to teach remotely using Final Draft

    We continue to release our ‘how to’ guides to support teachers working with our course books and digital resources in a virtual classroom. For this blog, we have created a guide for our Adult English course, Final Draft. This guide […]

  • Supporting every teacher: how to teach remotely with Global English

    We are continuing our ‘how to’ guides series to support teachers working with our course books and digital resources in a virtual classroom. This post includes a guide on how to teach one of our Primary courses, Cambridge Global […]

  • Supporting every teacher: sparking imagination and learning with songs and rhythm

    Songs, chants and rhymes are part of childhood. Everyone probably remembers every word of a song or poem from their childhood! Songs also have an important part to play in primary classrooms. With many teachers around the world teaching learners […]

  • Interview with online CELTA graduate: Jeanette Clifford

    About Jeanette Jeanette is from England and she is sixty years old. Before joining our 100% Online CELTA course she had gained the PGCE and worked in the further education sector. Find out in this blog post more about her … Continue reading […]

  • Supporting every teacher: how to teach remotely with Cambridge Primary Path

    This week we are continuing our ‘how to’ guides series to support teachers working with our course books and digital resources in a virtual classroom. This post includes a guide on how to teach one of our Primary courses, […]

  • Supporting every teacher: learning English with Pocoyo – Rain, Rain, Go Away!

    TV channel Pocoyo and our colleagues at Cambridge Assessment English have combined to create some amazing English language learning videos. Perfect for use with your young learners! Children around the world will already be familiar with Pocoyo. The […]

  • Supporting every teacher: supporting remote learners to manage their language learning anxieties

    In this current climate of uncertainty, it is important that we take into account the relevance and potential impact of learning anxieties on our learners. In this article, Niall Curry explores how we can support our learners to manage […]

  • Online CELTA via Valencia: Interview with CELTA Tutor, Séamas Campbell

    Valencia is now offering the CELTA Online in a move to ensure candidates health and safety are paramount and they are able to continue their teacher training.  The Online CELTA via Valencia offers a unique format to other centres, which works […]

  • Supporting every teacher: let’s review Cambridge at Home

    Thousands of you took part in last week’s Cambridge at Home Experience. A 3-day virtual event packed with professional development sessions, featuring brand new content from speakers such as Herbert Puchta, Samantha Lewis, Daniel Vincent, […]

  • 10 of the best FREE tools and software to help you teach English online

    When you’re starting out as an online English teacher one of the first things you need to do is get set up with the right tools and software. Using the right tools will make your lessons more effective and can even increase your earning […]

  • LearnJam team: out and about

    Being a distributed team here at LearnJam, we’re used to collaborating together and running remote workshops fully online. So, over the last month, we’ve loved seeing online communities grow and have been showing our virtual faces at as […]

  • Peer observation and online teaching

    In my post the other day I mentioned self-observation of online teaching. Paul Ashe commented that all these video recordings are great for peer observations too. Absolutely! The whole online teaching/learning experience is awesome for peer obs, […]

  • Self-observation of online teaching

    Every cloud and all that. Online learning may not be ideal but it provides some great opportunities for CPD. The last time I filmed myself teaching was, wow, during my DipTESOL (2014). I remember filming my lessons to analyse my instructions for the […]

  • How to teach English online without a degree

    Can you teach English online without a degree? The simple answer is: yes! The honest answer is: still yes, but be aware that it’s going to be more of a challenge than it is for teachers who do have a degree. Here at The TEFL Org it’s […]

  • Interview: Sue Kay on Materials Writing, the Perfect ELT Coursebook and Incidental Dream Careers

    Seasoned ELT materials writer and long-time friend of ELTABB Sue Kay shares her story of becoming an English teacher and author, answers your questions and offers advice for aspiring writers. Sandra: Hello Sue, it’s lovely to have you here for […]

  • My new normal

    Talk about a weird situation. I started a new teaching job on April 1st. I haven’t met my students face-to-face (well, you know, apart from virtually). I haven’t met my colleagues face-to-face either. I haven’t set foot in my new […]

  • How do I take the CELTA Online?

    As the current pandemic has been affecting countries everywhere and putting a halt to life as we know it, Cambridge Assessment is offering the CELTA to be temporarily be taken online. This is truly a unique opportunity as we know taking the CELTA […]

  • 10 tips to help you prepare for your CELTA course interview

    Justin McCarty is an Oxford TEFL graduate and one of our friendly CELTA interviewers. Once you have applied for our CELTA course, you will be interviewed by Justin, or one of our other interviewers, so that we can find out more about your motivation […]

  • How To: Find Your First Online Teaching Job

    There’s a real buzz about online teaching at the moment. While we’ve seen the online learning industry grow rapidly each year, the coronavirus pandemic has resulted in off-the-scale demand. Online education has become a necessity for […]

  • Teacher Training Los Angeles

    Teacher Training Houston, Texas. See information about the training centre in the USA. Find accommodation for your studies.The post Teacher Training Los Angeles appeared first on StudyCELTA.

  • Workshop Review: “Re-Thinking Gap-Fill Exercises” – Webinar with Leo Selivan

    In his April workshop with ELTABB, Leo Selivan presented new ways for making gap-fill exercises more meaningful in ELT. He also provided many practical and creative examples of how to use gap-fills in online teaching. Jennifer Knaeble recaps the […]

  • CELTA Online: Online Teacher Training with Mexico City

    Stuck in Lockdown? Plans thrown out of the window? Don’t let the current situation put your teaching career on pause. For a limited time only, Cambridge Assessment (a part of the University of Cambridge) are allowing the CELTA to be taken […]

  • How To Make Reading More Engaging

    In this quick post, I share five tips to make your reading more engaging and entertaining for your learners. I have also supplemented the post with a video for those that want to watch something for 5 minutes. Should you enjoy the video, please […]

  • Learning and Time

    Day 55 in isolation, or is it day 5… I, like many others, have lost track of time spent in lockdown conditions, finding that without the normal spatial cues of a commute or regular social engagements, time somehow has less meaning. Time is […]

  • How To: Teach English Online to Adults

    Working with children simply isn’t for everyone, so if you’re considering teaching English online you might be wondering what the options are for teaching adults. It’s true that many of the big players in the industry cater towards […]

  • All change!

    It’s the end of an era! I’ve spent nearly five years with the same language school (British Council) here in Thailand, which is a pretty long stint. Overall, it’s been a good experience. I mentioned before that the pay and […]

  • Types of curriculum

    Leslie Owen Wilson’s useful post on types of curriculum is well worth a read. Before I read it my idea of ‘a curriculum’ was narrow. I thought of it as a group of subjects that are taught, plus the skills or knowledge you hope to […]

  • Teaching With Just a Piece of Paper

    The other day, I decided to create, edit and share a video aimed for teachers (with minimal experience) on how to teach with just you and a piece of paper. It seemed to be quite popular and I hope there are some useful tips included within the […]

  • CELTA Courses Barcelona, Spain

    CELTA courses Barcelona, Spain offered by StudyCELTA. The Cambridge CELTA is the most highly recognised TEFL course worldwide by employers.The post CELTA Courses Barcelona, Spain appeared first on StudyCELTA.

  • Multicultural UK

    This lesson looks at multiculturalism. Access the face-to-face classroom and online teaching version of the materials.  Introduction: There's a school in Cardiff, the capital city of Wales, where more than twenty languages are spoken. That's a […]

  • CELTA in Gran Canaria: Your Post-CELTA Guide!

    For an idyllic island life, take the CELTA in Gran Canaria! The second largest island of the Canary Islands, Gran Canaria offers white sand beaches, mountainous landscapes and a historical old town (Vegueta). If you are looking to take the CELTA at […]

  • 20 of the best online teaching companies

    The interest in teaching English online has never been greater. And the great news is that this is matched by an increase in opportunities, with online companies stepping up recruitment to meet the recent spike in student demand. If you’re […]

  • Top 10 Ways to Get Organised for the 100% Online CELTA course

    English teachers and other professionals who want to start teaching English usually want to have an accredited international TEFL qualification. And the new 4-week intensive or 13-week part-time 100% online CELTA offered by Oxford TEFL is a great […]

  • #Remote Together – Learning Design Checklists

    At the moment, we’re really focused on helping our clients move their face-to-face and print-based courses online as quickly as possible. That can be deceptively simple to do if the goal is just to get some materials online, and you have a […]

  • Language Coaching: The Missing Link in Present-Day English Teaching?

    Language coaching is a relatively new arrival to the wide spectrum of language-related fields. As coaching flexes its muscles in the lifestyle, health, career, business and executive arenas, it’s only logical for the methodology and framework […]

  • Useful links: Project-based learning

    I’ve been reading a bit about project-based learning (PjBL) recently. I had to write a critique of an approach used in my context as part of the PGCEi. Our Secondary course now follows a PjBL approach*, so I thought it was worth trying to […]

  • Learning Languages Effectively and Joyfully: Q and A with a Polyglot

    Language coach Miri Mikeska helps other language enthusiasts become polyglots like himself. Let’s see what he has to say about functional learning habits and why he gave up his career job to become a travelling teacher. Hi Miri, it’s […]

  • CELTA in Palermo: Interview with Director of Studies, Jennifer Holden

    Looking to get a taste of La Dolce Vita while taking your CELTA? Why not CELTA in Palermo! We have already spoken about the fantastic sights, food and architecture that you can experience in Palermo, so now we have got you the inside scoop on taking […]

  • Fact-checking: Level 5 TEFL Courses

    With so many TEFL providers and different types of courses out there choosing the right one for you can feel like you’re in a bit of a minefield at times. One of the most common questions we’re asked is about the difference between a […]

  • Bottery’s Educational Codes

    During the face-to-face component of our PGCEi were introduced to Mike Bottery’s Educational Codes and Values (from The Morality of the School, 1990). Bottery outlined four codes which underlie approaches to education in schools. Here’s […]

  • Seven Ways To Use Zoom for Remote Teaching

    Teaching remotely or teaching online is becoming more and more common, especially with the latest pandemic where teachers are finding their courses and classes being placed online. Since then, there has been a scramble for finding alternative and […]

  • How Much Can I Earn Teaching English Online?

    It’s a question many are asking at the moment: just how much can I earn teaching English online? And is it realistic to make a living as an online English teacher? While some people teach online as a side hustle to supplement their income, the […]