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  • Renaissance meets contemporary: street art tour in Florence

    Florence is considered by many academics the birthplace of Renaissance, and is still wonderfully preserved as a Renaissance city, with his art and architecture that remain unique treasures. Renaissance literally means “rebirth” and, if […]

  • What is fluency, and can it be taught?

    Teacher trainer and materials writer Ceri Jones explores what it means to be fluent in a language and if it is possible to teach fluency in the classroom. What is fluency? We often use the word ‘fluency’ loosely without thinking about […]

  • Matt Ellman: CPD is dead and here is why

    Matthew Ellman is the Professional Learning and Development Manager, ELT at Cambridge University Press. He discusses why Continuous Professional Development (CPD) is dead and how the focus is now on Professional Learning and Development. The […]

  • Free Teacher Development Workshops this February in Barcelona

    We are looking forward to the next round of free teacher workshops coming up at Oxford TEFL in Barcelona this February! Join us on one, or more, of the following Fridays to pick up some practical tips and develop your … Continue reading […]

  • Our TEFL tutors give advice to aspiring English teachers

    Our TEFL tutors know a thing or two about teaching English. With an average of 18 years’ teaching experience and 10 years training teachers ‘a thing or two’ is perhaps a bit of an understatement. While you work through your TEFL […]

  • Graduate Story: Richard Butler

    Richard Butler is a corporate trainer with over 20 years of experience ranging from education to recruitment. Originally from Ireland, he moved to Barcelona in 2011 and has been teaching English for the last 9 years. He holds a MSc in … […]

  • NEW! Teaching English Online course

    We are excited to announce our 30-hour Online One-to-One Teaching English Online course. This course has been developed for qualified teachers with a desire to provide an excellent service teaching both young learners and adult learners online. […]

  • Episode 3: Six Ways to Teach Vocabulary Effectively

    In today’s episode of TEFL Tips, we are going to look at what to include when teaching vocabulary with students. The key to communicating in any language is having vocabulary to assist in expressing meaning. Watch this video below to learn how […]

  • Fancy a game of corpus tennis?

    To get into the spirit of the Australian Open tennis tournament, we’ve looked into the Cambridge English Corpus to research the language most commonly associated with Tennis. We’ve incorporated this into a fun word pair game for you to […]

  • The Kingdom of the Sun: Why CELTA in Palermo?

    Whether you are exploring the catacombs, visiting the breathtaking cathedrals or enjoying the local food, Palermo is a fantastic destination where you can live La Dolce Vita in your CELTA downtime. This month, we look at the Sicilian capital and […]

  • A simple video lesson plan to enhance CLIL lessons

    Video is today’s medium – it appeals to learners and is easily available in a vast variety of genres (and quality). A little bit of preparation can turn a video clip into a powerful resource for improving young learners’ subject […]

  • Review: Ready to Run

    This review was first published in the Winter 2019 edition of the ETAS Journal. Many thanks to ETAS for allowing the review to appear on this blog. Ready to Run, from Digital Learning Associates (DLA), is a platform providing video-based lesson […]

  • Hayo Reinders: Teacher leadership, where we are and how we got here

    Dr. Hayo Reinders is a TESOL Professor at Anaheim University, California, and is the Director of their doctoral programme. He is also Head of Education at Unitec and Editor of Innovation in Language Learning and Teaching. Hayo’s interests are […]

  • The TEFL Org Tutor Infographic

    Our TEFL tutors are a diverse bunch. They’ve worked in many different countries, learnt a variety of languages, and taught a wide range of learners. But the one thing that unites them is their love of teaching and their many years of […]

  • Cambridge Life Competencies Teacher Survey: Results sneak peek!

    In November 2019, we asked teachers to tell us how they approach the development of life competencies in their students, through the Cambridge Life Competencies Framework Teacher Survey. Not yet taken part? You still have until 16th February to have […]

  • Cambridge Life Competencies for Teens: ‘Starting from scratch’ featuring Korean Billy

    We hope you’ve enjoyed the series so far! Our previous episodes dealt with each of the competency areas of The Cambridge Life Competencies Framework. In this final episode we look at a real-life example of how life competencies are integral to […]

  • Why ELT coursebooks are great!

    Late last year I read the Jordan and Gray/Hughes exchange on ELT coursebooks, which appeared in ELT Journal. It’s an interesting discussion if you haven’t read it yet. I generally agreed more with Hughes, but that’s to be expected; […]

  • Writing lesson: online dating profiles

    This is a lesson based around authentic texts from the eHarmony website. It is aimed at adult pre-intermediate level plus, but these texts are full of rich language so it would ideally suit intermediate level students. Aims:  · Share […]

  • Meet our TEFL Course Tutors

    Here at The TEFL Org we firmly believe the only way to learn how to teach is directly from teachers. Whether you sign up for an online or classroom TEFL course with The TEFL Org you will benefit from expert guidance, advice, and support from our […]

  • Beyond exam success – using projects to supplement exam classes

    Daniel has taught English for over fifteen years in the UK, Japan and Spain and has experience in materials and course development. He currently works as a teacher and coordinator for the British Council in Madrid and is authoring a new teens course […]

  • Learning to learn for life

    Samantha Lewis has worked in English language teaching since 1994 and is a teacher, teacher trainer and materials writer, based in Spain. She has a particular interest in teaching English to young learners and teenagers, as well […]

  • Ideas for an Olympics-themed class

    With the 2020 Winter Youth Olympics kicking off this week, why not bring the excitement of the games into the language classroom? Natilly Macartney shares some fun, fact-filled activities around the Olympics theme for you to try with your […]

  • 7 Steps to fund your Erasmus+ KA1 Course

    The key to getting ahead is getting started! Don’t worry if you don’t know the steps to complete and submit the Erasmus+ KA1 Course Application Form. All these procedures and formal requirements might seem confusing, here you can find […]

  • Through the Year with ELTABB: 2019 in Numbers

    As a recent transplant to Berlin, I showed up at an ELTABB stammtisch early in the year and was immediately impressed with the friendly group of people who were sharing teaching ideas, offering advice on local bureaucracy and laughing over corny […]

  • Developing Resilience for the Challenges of School – and Life

    Developing Resilience for the Challenges of School- and Life: Because "we teachers have seen it all". By Susan Gagliano for Europass Teacher Academy. The post Developing Resilience for the Challenges of School – and Life appeared first on […]

  • Five Ways To Introduce A Topic For Students

    Hello and welcome to Episode 2 of TEFL Tips. Today we are looking at five ways to introduce a topic for students. Tip 1, Guess The Topic. I like to get students to guess what the topic of the lesson is by doing hangman. Say the topic of the day is […]

  • 5 Reasons to TEFL in 2020

    A new decade is on its way and (if you ask us) it’s the perfect time to TEFL. Everyone has their own reasons for getting into TEFL – some are looking for a career change or the opportunity to travel, others simply love teaching and the […]

  • Received Pronunciation: Why They Speak Like That on The Crown

    If you’re like us, you couldn’t wait for the latest season of The Crown. The costumes, the royal intrigue, the Received Pronunciation! What's that last thing?, you might ask. Received Pronunciation is the official name for the unique […]

  • Education Beyond our Borders

    Ilaria Barbieri, from a small village next to Lake Garda, drifted towards other harbours to get a degree in Social Psychology and a Masters in “Italian Language and Culture for Foreigners”. Ilaria has carried out research across the UK, […]

  • Teacher Training Bergamo

    Teacher Training San Jose, Costa Rica. See information about the TEFL training centre in Costa Rica. Find accommodation for your studies. The post Teacher Training Bergamo appeared first on StudyCELTA.

  • An Interview with York’s CELTA Tutors, Sarah Masters and Pete Woods

    This month, we are looking at taking the CELTA in the historic city of York in the UK. Known for its Roman walls, cobbled lanes and also being one of the most haunted places in the UK, the York CELTA centre is the perfect for those who are looking […]

  • Five Reasons to Take the CELTA in Bari

    One of our newest CELTA locations, Bari, Italy is located in the stunning region of Puglia. At the top of Italy’s “boot heel,” Bari sits on the Adriatic Sea and abounds with picturesque scenery. There are eleventh century churches, […]

  • Where you should TEFL in 2020

    Where should you TEFL in 2020? The number of English language learners worldwide continues to rapidly increase, with the British Council estimating that by 2020 that number will hit 2 billion. As more people start learning English, more […]

  • Research in brief: reading disruption of a textbook

    The research Winter, C. (2018). Disrupting colonial discourses in the geography curriculum during the introduction of British Values policy in schools. Journal of Curriculum Studies, 50(4), 456-475. Open access, click here. Summary The aim […]

  • How To Reduce L1 in the Classroom

    In almost all TEFL training courses, trainees are told that L1 (also known as the first language that students speak) must be reduced and the students’ L2 (this being English). If you have studied a foreign language and you share the classroom […]

  • 21st Century Education: How Future-Proof Is Your Teaching Career?

    We read a lot about the importance of helping our learners by incorporating 21st century competencies in the classroom these days. One of the reasons given is that many of the jobs our learners will do in the future don’t exist yet so we […]

  • My Top Ten Pronunciation Tips: Physicality and Integration – by Adrian Underhill

    Adrian is series editor of the Macmillan Books for Teachers, author of Sound Foundations: Learning and Teaching Pronunciation and an adviser in the development of the new Macmillan English Dictionary. He has been a teacher and trainer for many years […]

  • CELTA Courses Bergamo, Italy

    CELTA courses Rome, Italy offered by StudyCELTA. CELTA is the most highly recognised TEFL course worldwide by employers. The post CELTA Courses Bergamo, Italy appeared first on StudyCELTA.

  • Yuletide: Word of the Week

    Around Christmas and New Year, English speakers use some unique, old-fashioned words. The etymology of these words can often be traced back to pre-Christian Pagan celebrations. These celebrations eventually merged with Christmas. They inform the […]

  • Lesson idea: the ideal classroom

    My secondary class (age 14+, B1) are exploring education in our latest module. We are building up to a ‘design your ideal school’ task. The first step was to consider what makes a good classroom/learning environment. Step 1: General […]

  • Pronunciation Q and A with Melody Philip

    Melody Philip is one of our Trinity DipTESOL graduates and is now a teacher trainer and materials writer. We recently held a packed out session on pronunciation, as part of our highly successful ongoing free Friday morning Teacher Development […]

  • Our Top Blog Posts of 2019

    As the start of a new decade draws ever closer, we’re taking a moment to reflect. It’s been a busy year for us and by the end of the year we will have trained over 12,000 EFL teachers! This past year on the TEFL Org Blog we’ve […]

  • Let’s Talk Business English! What Every Trainer Should Know About The Industry In 2019

    Teaching business English has become a lucrative, long-term career option for English trainers in today’s globalised world. Evan Frendo discusses interesting current trends and how the landscape of the industry has changed over the years with […]

  • Teacher Training Barletta

    Teacher Training San Jose, Costa Rica. See information about the TEFL training centre in Costa Rica. Find accommodation for your studies. The post Teacher Training Barletta appeared first on StudyCELTA.

  • SCAMPER Technique for Creative Thinkers

    Creative thinking and problem-solving are essential parts of the learning process to turn ideas into innovation to open creativity. A successful methods used in creative thinking is the SCAMPER technique. The post SCAMPER Technique for Creative […]

  • How to annoy commissioning editors (and find work)

    Another ‘how to become a materials writer’ article has popped up – Kirsten Holt’s article for ETPro  offers some more good advice for budding writers. Every time I read one of these posts I’m itching to chip in. I […]

  • CELTA Courses Barletta, Italy

    CELTA courses La Spezia, Italy offered by StudyCELTA. CELTA is the most highly recognised TEFL course worldwide by employers. The post CELTA Courses Barletta, Italy appeared first on StudyCELTA.

  • Teaching English Online vs. Teaching English Abroad

    Teaching English online or teaching English abroad? If you’re a TEFL certified teacher then you have the option of both, but which one is for you? Teaching online and teaching abroad offer very different experiences and opportunities and many […]

  • ELT materials writing – my year in review

    It’s been quite a good year on the writing front. Balancing writing with full-time teaching is tough, but the rewards are great! It’s only three weeks until our xmas holidays so I’m calling this the end of my writing year. Here […]

  • “Teaching English as a Lingua Franca”: Book Review

    “Teaching English as a Lingua Franca: The journey from EFL to ELF”, published by DELTA Publishing, is the latest in their teacher development series and is authored by Marek Kiczkowiak and Robert Lowe. As you would expect with the DELTA […]

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