How to contribute to TEFLpost

Hi! We welcome your contributions to TEFLpost and the online community of TEFL professionals that are our subscribers and readership. If you have an article, review, in-country teaching experience, teaching tips or anything that is related to TEFL,TESOL or ELT that you feel our readership would benefit from we will be very pleased to review and publish it. 

You will be fully credited for your contribution and outbound links to your own blog, website, social media pages will be included as you specify.

Adding your article, teaching tips and experiences or reviews

1. Register on TEFLpost

You must be registered on TEFLpost to submit an article, review or teaching tip. Registration is free.

2. Login and add your article

Once registered you can login and add your article. You will find a link to the 'add post' page under your account. Your article will be saved as 'pending review' and will be reviewed by TEFLpost before publication. You will get an email from us when it is published. Your contribution will be credited and will appear with your name, social media links and avatar (optional settings)

3. Editing your article

You can edit your article from the page that it appears on. You must be logged in. An 'edit' link will appear on any article you have written.

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